Grenson - In the Business Since 1866

Starting in 1866 from just one young man from Northamptonshire, England. William Green decided to travel to London and pursue his shoe making business.

Sales took off so much that the building of a factory was necessary to keep up with the demands of the public.

From then on William Green and Sons became Grenson. The brand that we know and love today. From being in the business for over 150 years, Grenson knows a thing or two about crafting the classic, trustworthy pieces that can get you through any kind of occasion.

Grenson Collection

From making shoes since 1866, Grenson are only in their third factory, making this brand an authentic identity that brings the classical footwear production of an earlier time to the modern age. Defying mass production, and excessive global manufacturing.

Each shoe takes up to 8 weeks to craft and involves over 200 operations. Apart from the sneakers and recent sandal collection, all of Grenson’s shoes are ‘Goodyear Welted’.

The ‘Goodyear Welted’ process was invented in England around the 1800s. This time consuming procedure of crafting shoes ensures the product lasts longer than any other type of shoe.

Womens Grenson Nanette Hiker Boot (Vintage Soft Leather) - Brown

Displaying the contemporary, yet classic persona that Grenson has come to perfect, is the Women’s Nanette Hiker Boot.

This hardwearing, super comfortable and reliable boot has been crafted from a vintage soft leather that provides the much loved classic leather aesthetic, and doesn’t require much breaking in!

With signature crossover lacing, a chunky yet light Commando sole and a pull tab at the rear to make it easy to get these everyday classics on and off.

Grenson Curt Derby Shoe (Natural Grain Leather) - Black

The Curt Derby Shoe is a simple and effective show that makes it easy to take your outfit up a level on a daily basis.

This pair has been given a lightweight construction, making it easy for everyday use, and is crafted from a black natural grain leather, providing a beautiful and unique finish.

Made with a full leather storm welt, and a coloured contoured sporty wedge. This all black persona is striking yet maintains an air of subtlety when needed most.

Grenson Sneaker 41 (Leather) - Black

Providing a unique, contemporary alternative to classic leather footwear, Grenson comes in with the Sneaker 41, a preppy style apron tie shoe with big tassels.

Crafted with Grenson’s deeper profiled cupsole, this pair provides a smart persona with casual comfort. What more could you ask for?

Grensons Collection

Suitable for smart occasions, the street, or out rambling in the wild; Grenson has everything needed for every event.

With a wide selection of pieces to suit every need, and crafted with love and care since the day of its inception. 

One of the last British footwear companies that remain true to its core, supporting Grenson is like supporting the old manufacturing values that are much loved from the past.