Le Laboureur - Garments With a Soul

Le Laboureur have been finely crafting traditional French workwear since 1956. Founded by Primo Zalenti, in the small Eastern French town of Digoine. Originally created to provide working clothes for agricultural use, with ‘Le Laboureur’ translating to ‘The Ploughman’, the brand later moved on to provide efficient, finely made yet simple garments for all types within the building industry.

With over 60 years in the industry, they have truly nailed down the archetype of classic French workwear. Being worn and lovingly roughed up in workshops, and kept in pristine condition by cafe lurkers across all cities; the brand is loved by many, and for good reason.

Le Laboureur Burel Wool Work Jacket - Beige

Keeping things simple, and focusing on mastering a design that never fails, Le Laboureur have a limited set of total classics.

Refined, hardwearing and simple, the way it has always been.

Le Laboureur Houndstooth Cotton Work Jacket - Black/White

The Cotton Houndstooth Work Jacket in Black & White provides a fine example of the classic form factor of Le Laboureur styling.

Cut in a super classic block fit, ideal for wearing on its own or over other garments for layering options and featuring buttoned cuffs and front placket, with a chest pocket and subtle woven Le Laboureur label and a classic collar.

Le Laboureur Houndstooth Cotton Work Jacket - Black/White


Crafted for the workforce, these garments are built with function at the forefront. It just became inevitable that these pieces were to become totally iconic, encapsulating the hard working, rough, and function first mentality of the working class throughout the ages.

Le Laboureur Wool Work Jacket - Grey

The Wool Work Jacket provides more of a suitable wear for when the temperature drops and you want to keep things a bit more cosy.

Featuring a full wool construction, with contrasting buttons across the garment.

The trademark French workwear addition of twin hand pockets and singular chest pocket is of course featured, because you always need a place to keep your tools, or your hands warm when you’re taking a little break.

Le Laboureur Wool Work Jacket - Red

Fine detailing is featured throughout, and with the company now headed by the original founder’s first son, Jean-Charles, the ethics of the original company still stays true.

Continuing to craft everyday durable and dependable clothing, and this can be seen through their work for the French Postal Service and Junya Watanabe.

Le Laboureur Cotton Work Jacket - Navy Blue

Always available in a multitude of beautiful solid block colours to fit any kind of mood, personality or occasion, but truly nothing beats the total iconic persona of the original.

The blue chore jacket is a piece that will be taken down and live dust free in the archives of history, being the origin of the title of ‘Blue Collar Worker’.

Loved by many for its historic personality, and the relation it has to all of those who have worn it before, and all of those who are still yet to wear it.

Able to be paired up with any kind of outfit, and yet maintain a smart yet work-ready aura.

Le Laboureur

Never forgetting the origins of these pieces is part of the reason why these items have such a great loving following. Remembering the hard working individuals of the past and those who have sweat and bled to create the world that we live in today.

Le Laboureur jackets are worn with pride across the globe, a symbol of what can be done with hard work, and that it is better to keep things focused, beautiful and refined, rather than excessive and unnecessary.

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