Sandqvist - A Celebration of Sustainable Contemporary Design


Founded in 2004, initially as an experimental design project by three childhood friends. Sandqvist’s ethos of well-crafted, functional and design-conscious bags picked up organically from the beginning. Breaking the mould of the bag industry at the time, with their intention of practicality working side by side with good design.

As a Scandinavian brand, the three founders still stand true to their Swedish values within the company - Sustainability and care for the environment, uncompromising functionality and high-quality designs.


Sandqvist Alva Backpack - Earth Brown/Navy Blue


The Alva backpack is a prime example of Sandqvist’s simplistic yet effective ethos, which breaches its designs onto a timeless scale.

Made from a heavy cotton canvas and vegetable tanned leather for an authentic look that is designed to last. With an inner zip pocket and inner 13” laptop sleeve, Sandqvist have created a piece which is both perfectly suited for the city commute, or the country retreat.


Sandqvist Backpacks Organic Cotton

Standing by their principles, Sandqvist vows not to use conventional cotton, and proudly sticks to the use of organic cotton in their products. Buying all of their cotton from Chetna, a farmer owned group of cooperatives in India, and even visiting the villages around the area to see how the cotton trade is contributing to the village development. 

For every kilo of cotton Sandqvist purchases, they pay a premium to the cooperative that is then used for the benefit of the local community, like for the use of training farmers and by supporting local schools. In the Adilabad district, it can actually be seen that the percentage of girls who graduate from primary school has increased over the last few years.

This is the kind of result that shows how trading directly with organisations that are making a positive difference can be a powerful tool for change.

Sandqvist Harald Backpack - Multi Grey/Black

The Harald backpack is Sandqvist’s water-resistant everyday bag that is made from 65% organic cotton, and 35% Cordura® EcoMade recycled polyester. Designed to carry up to 21L and also features a super handy 13” laptop compartment, you’ll have room for all of your belongings to get you through the day, and is great for a night stay or even the weekend away.

Also featuring the signature Sandqvist styling of incorporating traditional heritage leather elements with contemporary fabric compositions.


At Sandqvist, the Nordic nature means everything. The brand as a whole picks up all of their ideas, ambition and inspiration from the deep forests, and cold mountains of the landscape.

Putting their own products to the test in the exact environment that they were designed for. With the enhanced stylistic touch of Sandqvist’s vision, the brand definitely takes things a step further beyond your average hiking and day-pack formfactor of a backpack.

Just because you’re up the mountains, or camping out for the weekend with your mates, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have belongings that aesthetically resonate with you in every sense.

Sandqvist Andres Tote Bag - Black

Sandqvist definitely have backpacks covered, but it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to provide an ideal utilitarian piece in a more casual body.

Perfect for the commute to the office, walks through the city, and for the times when you need a bag but don’t feel as though a backpack is the correct companion. 

The Andres is a sleek tote bag, with zip closures and an adjustable shoulder strap that can be strapped on, or hidden away for extra functionality. With a 13” laptop compartment, a key loop, and an entire body made from recycled materials, you can’t really go wrong with this perfect city companion.

Sandqvist Backpacks - THE FLATRUET ADVENTURE

As a whole, Sandqvist make a mark of their own in the industry through their contemporary, yet traditional design. Their ethically sustainable business model garners them well deserved respect across the minds of those who care for true attention to detail, and those who have a love for this beautiful planet that we are a part of.

If you wish to view the full collection, you can do so here