STUGAZI was created as a way for Stuart Matz, an artist and designer living in New York to produce work based on his background growing up in Washington, DC, skateboarding and playing in punk bands. Stuart Matz is influenced heavily by different cultures, attitudes and a great sense of humour. His work has been exhibited in multiple international exhibitions and has collaborated with brands such as Louis Vuitton, The Ace Hotel, Super Delux and Friendship Skateboards.

Urban Excess has been lucky enough to now be a part of this list, with its new range of graphic print t shirts designed by the artist. Using a big music and skating influence in the t-shirts, his stamp is undeniable with this new collection, including his classic sense of humour built in to the collection. The graphic t shirts is a great opportunity for both Stugazi and Urban excess, and the start of an ongoing relationship.

Stu Gazi Love Ertz

Stu Gazi Nasa

Stu Gazi Seinfeld

Stu Gazi So