Grenson - The Authentic Footwear Artisans

Grenson was single-handedly launched by the late William Green in 1866, where he began making shoes in the loft above the Corn Merchants in Rushden, Northamptonshire.

With over 150 years of shoe making experience, Grenson is known for its high-quality, durable shoes. As the pioneers of the Goodyear welting construction method, for years Grenson shoes have paved the way for innovation in the shoe making industry. 

Grenson Collection

Grenson have been making shoes continuously since 1866, and are only in their third factory in all that time.

Apart from Grenson’s new moccasin collection, all of their shoes are “Goodyear Welted”. This is a shoemaking technique that was invented in the mid 1800’s and involves many individual processes, but the big benefit is that the shoes are strong and last a long time.

The main feature of Goodyear Welted shoes is that the upper is stitched to a leather band called a Welt and this is then stitched to the sole. 

It takes up to 8 weeks to make a Grenson pair of shoes, and this involves over 200 individual operations.

Grenson Hurley Derby (Leather) - Black

The Grenson Hurley Derby Shoe in Calf Leather Black is a simple new Derby shoe with long wrap around facings on Grenson’s new chunky, but classic shaped sole which is super lightweight.

This classic minimal styling will always remain timeless and stay the perfect addition to almost any outfit.

Grenson Fred Boot (Handpainted Calf Leather) - Tan

The Fred Boot in the Handpainted Calf Leather colourway is a true classic men’s brogue boot. Featuring a triple welt sole, oversized punching and nice big eyelets.

The Fred Boot will get the job done, and always make sure you’re on the smart side of things whilst doing so.

Grenson Collection

The ‘Triple Welt’ series of shoes are true Grenson classics, as they weren’t developed in the design department, but instead by their own craftsmen in the factory.

The main feature is a special sole and welt construction that makes the shoe look like it has three welts of different widths. This is true artisanal shoemaking and is unique to Grenson.

Womens Grenson Dorris Chelsea Boot - Black

Grenson also has a well established and thought-through women’s range, to display this is the Women’s Grenson Dorris Chelsea Boot in Black.

The Doris Boot is a chunky calf height chelsea boot made with smooth leather uppers, with elasticated sides and pull up loops.

Featuring an aggressive tread that is incredibly light and comfortable to wear.

Grenson Collection

In 2013 Grenson moved their factory for the first time since their move into Queen Street in 1895. Moving onto a modern factory which signals Grenson’s future as a modern business, and that it shows no signs of slowing down, and for good reason.

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