VEJA - One Step Ahead of the Sneaker Industry

VEJA as a brand was created in 2005. It happened during the internet bubble, where a lot of people were at the time working for start-ups or internet-related businesses. In the words of the brand owner’s themselves, ‘this collective infatuation with the virtual pushed us in the opposite direction, towards the reinvention of a “brick & mortar” product’.

They made the decision of making sneakers, because they viewed the sneaker product as a symbol for their generation. A product that crystallizes the major issues of globalisation through its production, dissemination, and usage; and they wanted to make a change on this concept.

 Veja Collection

VEJA takes longer designing each of their shoes than all of the bigger brands, this is because they want to create something that will still stand true in 10 years time. The attention that they bring to each step of the manufacturing process is thorough.

The goal of their design studio is simple: create sneakers that will stand the test of time.

Veja V-10 Leather Trainers - Extra White/Orange Fluo/Cobalt

The VEJA V-10 Leather Trainers pretty much just look and feel like an instant classic. In this Extra White / Orange Fluo and Cobalt Blue colourway, they provide the perfect colour contrasting effect that provides a truly timeless look.

These trainers feature perforated low-chrome leather sections, with a 100% recycled cotton insole. The sole of the V-10 is crafted from 60% Amazonian wild rubber.

Veja SDU RT B-Mesh Trainers (Vegan) - Black/Natural

The VEJA Vegan SDU RT B-Mesh Trainers in the Black/Natural colourway are stylish, and good for the environment. Three plastic bottles are used to create each pair of trainers. This particular upcycling process creates a smart fabric, both breathable and water-repellent.

This kind of contemporary and sustainable initiative is what sets VEJA apart from the other trainer manufacturers in the industry. Attention to detail and a care for the planet.

VEJA Collection

Upcycling consists of recycling materials or products that have fallen out of use, and turning them into higher quality and more useful products.

VEJA’s ethos of sourcing materials means that all of their recycled materials give household waste a second life, and this allows them to create a range of unique fabrics to uplift their products into the modern, environment friendly world.

Veja Condor Mesh Running Shoes - White/Orange Fluro

As well as producing aesthetically pleasing, stylish casual pieces, VEJA prides itself in crafting pieces for all the runners out there.

VEJA came through with the Condor Mesh Running Trainers in White & Orange, the self proclaimed first post-petroleum running shoe.

With the upper being made from Alveomesh, which is constructed from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and having a heel support insert made out of Pebax RNew, which is 100% ricinus oil.

The ideal ethical runner for daily exercise. 

Veja Rio Branco Alveomesh Trainers - Black/White/Oxford Grey

Finishing off with the VEJA Rio Branco Alveomesh Trainers in the Black/White/Oxford Grey colourway. 

A super comfy, casual classic styling that uses sustainable materials and production methods throughout. VEJA truly endeavours to be the most ethical choice in the footwear market, and this itself deserves the support and backing of those consumers wishing to make an ethical choice on which path they want the industry as a whole to take.

Each purchase makes an impact, and whichever company that ends up getting your money inevitably does affirm their actions.

Making thoughtful choices with your purchasing power will undoubtedly create a small wave that will eventually effect great change in the way we humans as a whole treat this world that we are all a part of.

Ethically grounded and aesthetically pleasing definitely seems to be the VEJA way.

VEJA Collection


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